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Regenerative farmers are leading the way from degradation to regeneration all over Europe.

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01_La Junquera_ faces
Alfonso & Yanniek
We are the farmers of La Junquera, an organic regenerative farm and village in the South of Spain. We are creating a diverse and thriving landscape together with our partners (Regeneration Academy, Camp Altiplano) and bringing back life to the countryside. We grow a variety of crops and herd cows. We work hard to restore soils, capture water and bring back biodiversity through compost, swales, ponds, keyline, minimum tillage, hedges and borders and grazing practices. www.lajunquera.com
02_Remény Farm 01
Anna & David
Regenerative agriculture is more than just a farming practice - it's a way of life deeply rooted in our Hungarian traditions. It signifies our commitment to restoring the health of our land, fostering biodiversity, and creating a sustainable food system that nourishes both people and the planet. https://www.remenyfarm.hu/
03_Pursila Farm_Marjaandsheep
The Pursila farm is a conventional grain farm where regenerative cultivation is practiced. The farm also has cattle and sheep for landscaping. Regenerative agriculture means nurturing and revitalizing the soil, the ecosystem and the biodiversity.
04_Podere Cimbalona - La Roncona_ Daniele
We cultivate soil, water, landscape. Farming life is our passion, producing abundant good, nutritious food by restoring soil is what we are committed to. We enjoy farming, trying our best to regenerate the land we work on, in order to leave it to future generations, better than how we got it.
William Houstoun
I holistically graze sheep and cattle on my farm in Glenisla, Scotland for my brother who has a 1,000 ha farm in Glenshee which is transitioning to regenerative management. I have been based here all my life while I have managed farm businesses ranging from Venezuelan ranches to a Scottish soft fruit co-operative. I now also work as a Savory Accredited Professional Educator.
06_Kmetija Vegerila_profile
Tilen Praprotnik
Kmetija Vegerila is situated at the foot of the Alps at an altitude just above 500 m in the north-western corner of Slovenia. It is a small family run farm on 14 hectares. Today we grow the grain for our poultry, the rest of land consists of marginal grasslands and traditional vigorous stock orchards to graze our livestock. We only sell locally and strive to build a local community interested in holistic regenerative agriculture.
Anders Lerberg_profile
Evig grønne enger is a 15 ha organic family farm, grazing sheep and cattle for ecosystem and human health. On the farm we produce no-dig vegetables, grains and pastured eggs for the local market, and manage for rebuilding ecosystem function in common grazing lands through grazing. The farm integrates small and grown kids in learning life skills, and is host of field days on regenerative grazing and holistic management.
Asa and Anders
Åsa and Anders
Beate_profile_c_Pangaio Manufaktur
"Our family-owned ""Pangaio Manufaktur"" regenerative farm in northern Greece focuses on producing exquisite extra virgin olive oil while promoting sustainability and biodiversity. In addition to olives, we nurture food forests, bamboo groves, and provide space for free-range chickens and donkeys. Our farm serves as a hub for locals and tourists, offering workshops, hikes, and tours to spread awareness & excitement about regenerative agriculture. To support our mission, we've established Pangaio Living Soil, a business that includes a soil testing lab and the creation of microbial soil amendments. This initiative helps local farmers improve soil health and reduce costs through native microbial solutions."
A farm where we focus on replacing death with life.
Chiara & Marco_profile_c_Pulicaro Farm
Chiara and Marco
Pulicaro is a 100 hectares farm located on a vulcanic plateau 550 metres above sea level halfway between Rome and Florence. Agroecology and holistic management are extremely important for us. We raise animals on pastures (according to Voisin grazing rotation principles) on fields, woods fruit and olive orchard (agroforestry). We avoid any kind of antibiotics and chemicals on the farm since we started 15 years ago, relying on fitotherapy and on a bio-diverse resilient ecosystem. We breed about 7000 birds (chickens, hens), 250 pigs, 150 sheep and goats and 15 cows using livestock guardian dogs to keep them safe from wolves and wild animals.
I've been passionate about farming since I was a little kid. Now together with my wife Sara, we manage a diverse mixed farm of about 21 hectares of land with regenerative approach. We mainly grow temperate fruits, vegetables, layers, we do agroforestry and some other smaller productions. We are doing our best to support new generations of regenerative farmers.
Felix_c_Tom Köhn
"I'm a fifth-generation farmer on the Eichhof near Kiel, where my ancestors developed a farm specialised on dairy. With the draught catastrophe in 2018, my already ecological mind turned its focus towards regeneration. So it began to transform our dairy system into a multi-agroforestry farm with the production of nuts, apples, peas, berries, tree fodder and timber. We also started to grow vegetables after the principles of market gardening and edible mushrooms on wood. The farm shop and delivery system established in 2006 made sales independent from the global market. We started hosting farm events, tours and workshops for children as well as adults. In our company's philosophy a holistic approach on sustainability is the foundation of every decision we make."
Our farm focuses on cultivating plants (Sweet Potato, Yacon) and fungi that are new to our climate zone. We use innovative technologies and create closed cycles of materials and water.
Gena and Joao
Gena and João Mendonça
We are a visionary husband-wife duo dedicated to preserving and reviving Azorean traditions and the land we steward through a wellness farm built on regenerative principles: Regenerative Agriculture ~ Regenerative Wellness ~ Regenerative Tourism
Justina & Laurynas
Justina & Laurynas
"Smelyne ukis is a family farm based in Lithuania. As a first-generation farmers farming since 2018, we focus on producing high-quality beef for the people and bringing back the fertility to areas of degraded land as well as maintaining a healthy ecosystem."
Juuso Joona_c_ Filmkrug Nina Reichmann
We are a farm of 140 hectares on which we do diverse arable production of seed- and food crops and on-farm trials.
Matteo Mazzola_c_ Filmkrug Nina Reichmann
Iside is a certified organic farm of 7 hectares, climbing a slice of the Dolomite pre-Alps on moraine terraces overlooking Lake Iseo. It is a rapidly growing reality, in a complex agro-sylvo-pastoral system, managed with an agro-ecological approach focused on increasing functional biodiversity, erosion and resource control, with a focus on increasing the nutritional characteristics of products and ecosystem services.
Nick Viney_profile_c_Groundswell Artist in Residence
A 30 acre, nature rich oasis where we slow the flow across the floodplain, pasture fatten a variety of animals whilst prioritising our soil and tree health. We welcome guests and offer tours blurring the lines between Rewilding and Regenerative Agriculture.
Peter_profile_c_Fröhlich Farm
Fröhlich Farm is farming regeneratively since 2017. It produces, field crops, pumpkins, apples, pears, cherries, apple juice and meat from mother cows.
Trond_profile_Espen Hofsmo
Horgen is a farm operated by our son Gudbrand and wife Jenni: 81 hectares of grazed organic cropland, market garden, pastured pigs and poultry and a around 50 Angus suckler cows with offspring. Rustad farm is operated by us parents Inger Lise and Trond : 21 hectares of organic cropland, one third grass and rest cereals in 2023. Both farms are organic.
Meghan_profile_c_Diario de Noticias de Navarra
Meghan and Iñigo
We took over Borda Martixene in 2014, a 3.5 hectare farm that had been abandoned for 60+ years, but was being managed conventionally by the local dairy cooperative. Upon discovering holistic management in 2018, we began applying it with impressive, drastic results. Renamed Curly Creek Ranch, it is now the learning farm for Hub del Norte, the accredited Savory Institute hub for the northern Iberian Peninsula. We raise hens, broilers, turkeys, rabbits, goats and horses in addition to market gardening, producing 70%+ of our own food and selling eggs and vegetables to 30+ families in a 50km radius. Meghan is a Savory Institute accredited Field Professional and provides holistic management training and farm advisory around Spain and France.
Tilen_profile_c_Nejc Vurnik
Kmetija Vegerila is situated at the foot of the Alps at an altitude just above 500 m in the north-western corner of Slovenia. It is a small family run farm on 14 hectares. Today we grow the grain for our poultry, the rest of land consists of marginal grasslands and traditional vigorous stock orchards to graze our livestock. We only sell locally and strive to build a local community interested in holistic regenerative agriculture.
Anne and Ricardo
We farm at a 45 ha regenerative community farm ‘t Gagel in Lochem, The Netherlands. Four years after founding Bodemzicht farm and Bodemzicht foundation in Malden, we started in the spring of 2024 to work as Lenteland farmers with Daan Houwers and Roos Burger. Bodemzicht at ‘t Gagel is a European regenerative hub, strongly anchored in the Achterhoek. Our mission is to facilitate life through agriculture. The cooperative farm has a no-dig market garden, a fruit orchard, a tree nursery and a small herd of animals. There is also a small food forest campsite and we organise regular farm-to-food events to connect people with the landscape and their food. With courses, events and presentations, visitors are invited to get started with regeneration themselves. Local and international farmers, citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, chefs and policy makers meet each other in this hub on the way to a regenerative (agri)culture.
A 30 ha farm in the plain in the North East of Italy. Since 2012 the farm started the agro-ecological transition investing 10 ha of land on innovative polycyclic forestry system on arable land and hedges for biodiversity. The majority of the crop production is sold to local organic food factories. Part of the production is dedicated to ancient varieties of wheat and corn and is transformed into flour and bread and sold directly to the local market. The farm is recently offering hospitality services in an agriturismo. We do host bees and produces vegetables and fruits for internal use. By 2024 we will offer homeschooling service, open air learning environment for childrens and will host sociocultural events within the regenerated landscape of the farm.
Yanniek and Alfonso_profile
Yanniek and Alfonso
La Junquera is a 1,100-hectare farm working with regenerative practices since 2015. It is based in the Northwest of Murcia, one of the most desertified areas on the Iberian Peninsula. La Junquera is much more than a farm, it is a meeting point. Here, regenerative and sustainable projects are developed in education, research, entrepreneurship and ecosystem restoration. This all happens in a unique and exciting environment of our farm.
Francisco Alves_profile
Situated in Hausjärvi, Southern Finland, Pursila Farm cultivates oats, rye, oil hemp, and faba beans, while also maintaining apple trees and a vegetable plot. Our farm is home to grazing animals such as cattle and sheep, all as part of our dedication to harmonizing with nature and rejuvenating its vitality.
Manuel Troya_profile_Finca Pajaretillo
Finca Pajaretillo is a beef cattle farm on 475 hectares located in the south of Spain. We manage the farm holistically, harvesting soil and water and designing our farm under permaculture principles since 2018.
Alexander Steindl
Notill farming since 2015. Controlled traffic farming since 2015. Precission farming since 2009. 500ha dry loamy sands and sandy loams in east Germany.
Nuri Madeo
Nuri and Francesc
Can Font is a 60 hectare farm in the north-eastern of the Iberian Peninsula, where we cultivate vineyards, olive trees, almonds and extensive crops with regenerative agriculture management and organic certification.
Diego and Alicja
Huerta La Enredadera is a market garden farm with less then one hectare biointensive protected and outside production. All produce is marketed and distributed in less than 30km radius. We started the farm in a completely degraded terrain and have slowly regenerated the land with a combination of cover-cropping and animal grazing.
Nestled between the river Tisza and the Hungarian great plain of Hortobágy, Táncoskert is dedicated not only to sustainable food production but also to the regeneration of land and landscapes. As the demo farm for the Hungarian Savory Hub, we lead by example in implementing holistic land management practices. With a focus on restoring ecosystem health and biodiversity, we are committed to cultivating a thriving environment where nature and agriculture and society coexist harmoniously.
We do horticulture and small crops in Conservation Agriculture farming. We are a family farm dedicated to cover crops and biology.

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The ecosystem EARA strives to grow around its regenerating farmers is inclusive of everyone in the regenerative movement who is deeply engaged in the genuine regeneration of our EU agri-food system and beyond: Farmers, scientists, policy-makers, NGOs, individual pioneers from the food industry and many many more. If you want to join our Alliance and support our ecosystem, political advocacy and agitation please reach out. 

EARA’s Operational Team is driven by the needs, knowledge and experience of our community of regenerative farmers. They act as coordinators and facilitators of our farmer-led Alliance.

Natascha Schwarzkopf, Alliance Builder

Trained Sustainability Economist and experienced Policy Advisor. Passionate about rethinking economics and policy making for regeneration.

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Simon Krämer, Policy Steward

Trained Political Agroeconomist and experienced Policy Advisor. Invested to grow farmer and food agency, biocultural diversity, biogeochemical cycling and peace.

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Ana Digón, Community Care

Trained Political Scientist, Linguist and Process Facilitator. Committed to supporting regenerative farmers in their work to change the world through wholesome food and relationships.

Virginia Tarditi, Student Intern

Master's student in agroecology, passionate about sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. Committed to blending traditional wisdom with innovative approaches to address today's pressing challenges with a holistic perspective.

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